Our solutions for E-Commerce help you keep pace with the world and race ahead of competition. If you plan to have an online store, call us. We will design an E-Commerce package that is just right for your product portfolio. Programmed by specialists in the field, these solutions come with high level of security, a basic necessity of an online store.


1. Set up

Choice of language
Attractive yet simple layouts to aid quick downloading
Administration does not require FTP or TELNET access
Unlimited categories and sub-categories

2. Navigation

Customers choose own customer ID
Database for easy repeat ordering
Easy to use search feature for searching products

3. Administration

Unlimited payment options
Works with multiple currencies

4. Pricing

Store with up to 25 items - $25/Month

Store with up to 100 items - $35/Month

Store with up to 1000 items - $100/month


E-Commerce solution